A Long Weekend in Belfast

Book Cover: A Long Weekend in Belfast

a novella sized piece covering the Ulster riots of 1986, fighting and intrigue between the Protestant brigades and the IRA.

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Among the Very Foreign

Book Cover: Among the Very Foreign

four feature pieces from Kalimantan, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, and one column piece from Samarinda.

  • His Brow in Feathers, the Dyak Chieftain and His Equation for the Order of Time,
  • Bugis Street Shoes,
  • A Good Pirate Crew Can Swarm Sitting Down,
  • Borneo Ferry,
  • Parties All Over Town, which covered the Hong Kong Handover for News Limited.

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Brilliant Artists in Trio: Song, Holography, Satire

Book Cover: Brilliant Artists in Trio:  Song, Holography, Satire

Three feature pieces:

  • Janet Baker, the Wind in Her Hair, catches opera’s Dame Janet at sea, practicing Elgar’s Sea Pictures.
  • St Brigid and the Wizard, follows Paula Dawson constructing a hologram of the Holy Spirit for worshippers at St Brigid’s Church.
  • Max Gillies, the Character Onstage, watches the gifted character actor perform political satire live to audiences.

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Equatorial Americas, Three Revolutions

Book Cover: Equatorial Americas, Three Revolutions


  • In Panama, a Pantomime,
  • The Play of Children, set in Haiti, and
  • The Fall of Old Managua.

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In Rage, to Rebellion

Book Cover: In Rage, to Rebellion

A volume in three pieces

  • Backstage at the Revolution, treating the African National Congress’ theatre troupe,
  • Red Ragger, profile of a disgruntled communist, and
  • The Elemental Physick of Wrath, on the ignition of anger.

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Islanders, Far South

Book Cover: Islanders, Far South

three feature pieces on southern fishing communities,

  • The Oldest Abalone Diver in the Business,
  • Pride of the Crayfish Fleet,
  • Digging Holes in the Sea,

and a fourth voyage,

  • Tasmania, a Lovesong.

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The Personality of War

Book Cover: The Personality of War

A volume of four pieces:

  • Dresden,
  • Rehearsals for the Death of Taipei,
  • The End of All Wars, and
  • This Perilous winter in StMoritz.

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